Vapor Chief “Single” Commercial 75 PSI Steam Cleaner

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Why settle for a borderline steam cleaner? Most steamers in the entry level and mid level grade category are of poor quality. They are NOT Italian made. They have low pressure and heat, along with poor recovery. They WILL NOT last. So we stopped selling the really cheap ones.The Vapor Chief Single pro 75 is a workhorse steamer

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However, we know there is a place for the professional that simply does not need, or cannot afford the commercial continuous refill machines. We just had not been able to find a good commercial grade single boiler steam cleaner…….So we helped develop one ourselves!!

Introducing the Vapor Chief 75 Single  This professional and commercial single boiler steam cleaner is a true commercial grade. We wanted it to have great pressure and heat, have a commercial stainless steel body, and ALL commercial components.  Take a look at the body. Its not a cheap plastic body that will break. Its all heavy gauge steel and can take a beating!

We used a heavy duty AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with a lifetime warranty. It meets the industry standards. The Vapor Chief 75 Single PRO also has an “EXTERNAL” heating element. Yes, the heater is outside the boiler!! How does this work and why? Well, most steam cleaners have an internal “coiled” heater which sits in the water inside the boiler. After time and non maintenance, the coils can become corroded and calcified. This leads to slower heating time or failure.

What we have done is to mount the heater on the underside the boiler. With this configuration, there is no heat lost and the heater is not immersed in water! Heat is immediately transmitted through the stainless steel boiler and the water heats just as fast. With this design, the heater can be warranted for LIFE! This is just another unique feature of the Vapor Chief Single PRO  steam cleaner.

We also have fabulous steam delivery and volume compared to some of the others. Our pressure rating is already greater, but you will not notice a huge pressure drop while using it and the amount of steam you get out of the nozzle is still great.

We kept this machine simple but made it commercial grade. There is nothing cheap about this machine and we urge you to compare it against the other popular steam cleaners out there. Take a look at our specifications of the Vapor Chief Single 75 PRO

  • 1750 watt “EXTERNAL” heater
  • Full commercial grade
  • Made in Italy
  • AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with a 3.0  (total volume) liter capacity
  • Long 11 foot detachable hose
  • 315 degrees of steam in the boiler
  • 75 PSI
  • Long 11 foot power cord
  • Enamel coated steel body
  • Fully adjustable steam pressure from zero to maximum
  • Full accessory package
  • LIFETIME boiler warranty
  • LIFETIME heater warranty
  • 3 year internal parts warranty
  • Multiple safety features

Why buy a cheap steam cleaner when it will not perform and will not last? Why buy something that is NOT made in Italy? Compare ours to anything else that is out there and decide for yourself. This machine is made to perform and last.


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