Vapor Chief 125 Car Wash Steam Cleaner

$2,699.00 $1,949.00

This magnificent steam cleaner is what we think is the perfect choice for cleaning and washing cars. Before we give you the great specifications on this steam cleaner, we want you to know why it’s the perfect “realistic” choice for car washing.




The vapor Chief 125 steam car wash steam cleaner can tackle any exterior or interior cleaning job

For even more in- depth information about this machine and all of our others, please see the Vapor Chief website here

  • 120 Volts– we know that is your choice if possible- Only 1 power cord. No tricks here. Remember 2 cords equals 240 volts!
  • Portable– This machine only weighs 45 pounds and can be easily transported. One person can lift it in and out of a small van or SUV
  • NO diesel and NO propane- If you want to wash cars indoors or in a garage, you cannot have the fumes and fire hazards of these fuel type steamers
  • Exterior and Interior use- The Big diesel and propane steam cleaners are only good for the exterior- Do you really want to have 2 machines for exterior and interior use?
  • Plenty of pressure at 125 PSI. Did you know that too much pressure and too much wetness will actually “slow” you down?
  • Injection- With a large 5 liter injection tank, you can mix your favorite cleaner (we recommend Optimum No Rinse) in the injection tank and spray that along with the steam as your car wash product
  • Less Expensive- We are able to sell this commercial car wash steam cleaner for almost HALF of what the Diesel or Propane machines cost!
  • Easy maintenance- Did you ever think of what happens if the larger Diesel or propane machines break down? What do you do? You cannot ship it back. No One will come over and look at it. YOU will have to bring it to the nearest repair center which could be hundreds of miles away. The Vapor Chief car wash most likely will never need to be shipped back. We can usually diagnose a problem over the phone and parts replacement can easily be done by the user

OK, we know that ANY 120 volt steam cleaner cannot realistically compare to a diesel machine in power and steam volume. But as we just stated above, we still think the Vapor Chief car wash is still the logical choice. Please look at the videos and please call us to discuss the merits and why you should choose this one. Nowhere are the great specifications of the Vapor Chief car wash steamer

  1. Heavy duty stainless steel body to handle the rigors of all day use
  2. Continuous fill for all day use
  3. Super duty 304 AISI stainless steel boiler which meets all industry standard codes
  4. LIFETIME warranty on this boiler
  5. LIFETIME warranty on the heating element
  6. 3 year warranty on internal electrical components
  7. 3.0 liter boiler is the perfect size for great pressure and fast recovery
  8. Fast heating in about 12-13 minutes
  9. heavy duty 1750 watt heater
  10. EXTERNAL heater means that the heater is not in the boiler and not touching water
  11. 125 PSI in the boiler
  12. great steam delivery and volume
  13. 345 degree steam temperature in the boiler
  14. steam pressure adjustment from zero to maximum pressure
  15. Full Attachment package
  16. 15 foot hose
  17. 13 foot power cord
  18. INJECTION system separate from the boiler system which is HUGE
  19. Still only weighs 45 pounds empty
  20. BIG 5 liter external water tank
  21. BIG 5 liter external injection tank

It features unique water injection that bypasses the boiler and uses a pump to inject water or your favorite cleaning solution directly into the steam hose. If you need slightly wetter steam, the button the handle will give you the injection you need to clean tough grease and grime where wetter and higher steam volume is needed, while still being water friendly.

The key feature in the Vapor Chief 125 is the INJECTION! Now this is a different injection than you may have seen on some of the smaller units that claim they can clean built up grease and grime on commercial ovens. It just doesn’t work. Here is why……Those small steamers are simply running the water in the boiler through the hose to give you more wetness. It’s a nice little trick but that wetness and extra water lasts about 10 seconds and that you lose EVERYTHING! No more pressure or water inside the boiler and you are done.


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