Zentool 21 DA Orbital Polisher




The Zentool 21 DA orbital polisher may look familiar. This is not mistake. We wanted an Orbital buffer that performed as well or better than any other orbital polishers out there. We know the other buffers are excellent machines and very well made. But we still wanted to improve performance a little bit, realizing that details today prefer an orbital machine over a rotary buffer for correction. It has the same massive 21MM throw that you may have gotten used to on the competitors buffer.

The Zentool has more power with its 900 Watt motor which will not allow it to bog down and stop spinning as some of the less powerful buffer do when pushed a little bit.

The Zentool comes with BOTH a 6 inch backing plate to accommodate 6.5 inch pads for a more powerful cutting action and maximizes it 21MM throw. It also come with a 5 inch backing plate for the smaller 5.5 inch or a 6 inch buffing pad. We always recommend a one half inch bigger pad diameter than the plate diameter. This is for better balance and better cutting and finishing action of the tool

The Zentool has a soft start with a lock in switch for ease of use and better hand placement. What we really like is the more powerful 900 watt motor and a better design backing plate. The plates have more drilled and ventilated holes to allow for better heat transfer and cooling of both the paint surface and the buffing pad. There is also more of a gap between the backing plate and the head of the tool to prevent bogging down as well.

If you want an Orbital polisher that is less expensive than the competition, has more power, the same massive 21MM throw and great balance, give this one a try.


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