Rupes Bigfoot LHR21ES Orbital polisher


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The Rupes 21 is a buffer that will give you excellent correction capability on any kind of paint surface while NOT causing swirl marks and holograms. Its 21mm “throw” allows the buffer to dig in a little more than a conventional orbital buffer and correct the surface while creating an awesome shine.

The 21 mm is the largest orbit that the industry has seen in an orbital buffer. Even with the gigantic “throw” the buffer is very well balanced and easy to handle and maneuver. The combination of the large throw will allow the detailer to cover a larger buffing area with less work and save time in the process.

We like the “soft start” which means less slinging of product and easier starting control. The lock in button also allows the user to place his hands in the optimal position to buff the car to perfection. The 500 amp motor and 4200 OPM makes the LHR21ES extremely powerful and will not slow the buffer down even when concentrating on problem areas.

The LHR21ES comes with a 6 inch backing plate which will accommodate our 6.5 inch buffing pads.

This is by far the best orbital buffer we have ever used. When used in combination with our new Opti orange waffle buffing pad, and our NEW Optimum hyper spray compound, we have easily removed 1200 sand scratches from most clear coats. We have tested this buffer against all the other popular orbital buffers out there and we have found this one to be the best


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