Optimum Wax – 17 oz. spray bottle




The Optimum Wax is a technological breakthrough that actually will add important UV inhibitors to the paint finish. It offers long lasting protection while not harming or damaging the paint finish. There is no buffing with this product. It is easy-on, easy-off. Its a simple as that! Independent tests have shown this product to offer longer lasting protection than countless other products on the market that are more difficult to use and can possibly damage the paint surface. We know many people will have difficulty believing that a spray on product can offer this kind of protection, but it will last for months. Again, this is not a miracle product, but a superior wax that just happens to be easy to use. Keep in mind that automotive paints have experienced revolutionary changes in the past decade, while many major wax manufactures have not changed and still offer the same dated technology in their wax products. Why buff or rub a wax or paint sealant on? Its too much work and may scratch or mar the finish. Letting a wax or paint sealant harden on the paint surface and then scrubbing it off is simply old-school and old technology. Make the final step easy and give the vehicle truly long lasting protection and shine! Please note: We sell the gallon size of the Optimum wax in the SunX brand. It is the same great product


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