Optimum Protectant Plus




This ready to spray product cleans, restores and protects leather, vinyl and moldings, all in one easy application. Optimum Protectant plus has a balance of cleaners, penetrating oils, and UV inhibitors that will restore the original color and luster to these surfaces. Protectant plus will hide minor scratches; bring back gloss, all while protecting against the suns harmful UV rays. The advantages of Protectant plus over the leading dressings are as follows: Protectant plus will leave the surface with a smooth silky feel. It is not oily and therefore will not attract dust. It will produce a satin finish, not a high gloss shine. It can be used on moldings and other trim and with no worry of running all over or streaking after it rains. It will last for months. It has no solvents, VOCs or any hazardous components that may harm you, children, or pets.
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Optimum Protectant Plus works equally well on vinyl and leather. Since vinyl is made to simulate the look and feel of leather, they are both treated with similar protective chemicals. Protectant Plus mimics these chemicals to restore your interior’s original texture and resiliency. It doesn’t deposit greasy gloss agents on the surface that ultimately attract dust. Protectant Plus cleans and protects these surfaces without the greasy film and actually repels dust.

Optimum Protectant Plus protects your leather and vinyl by depositing UV inhibitors and hydrating oils deep in the pores while cleaners remove marring contaminants. Drying, cracking, and fading are prevented so your surfaces stay supple and uniform in color. Protectant Plus even hides scratches on your leather and vinyl so they virtually disappear. The finish is subtle, not shiny. Your dashboard, seats, and trim will be restored to their original color and finish.


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