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Finally a product that will perform all your cleaning needs! Optimum Power clean can be used as an engine cleaner, wheel cleaner, interior cleaner, carpet shampoo, bug cleaner. Of course its cleaning capability will depend on how it is diluted. If used correctly, this all-purpose cleaner is safe for fabrics, upholstery, carpeting, leather and vinyl, paint, and wheels. It will not etch the surface like some harsh all-purpose cleaners can. This cleaner will perform quickly which will cut down the amount used. Why buy a product for every different task? Optimum Power Clean truly is an all-purpose cleaner!

With its many dilution options, optimum Power clean will save you money and perform all your cleaning tasks. This is a PH balanced and enviornmentally safe product that will not harm the vehicle, you, or the enviornment

We originally developed this product as a wheel cleaner only. We found it worked not only on wheels, but on all the other areas of the vehicle as well. We know once you try Power Clean, you will not need multiple cleaning products ever again


NOW A TRUE WHEEL CLEANER…..AND SAFE AS ALWAYS! Clean even the dirtiest, grimiest wheels with teh new an dimproved version of Power Clean. This is an amazing product that will do everything!…..SAFELY


Optimum Power Clean™ replaces several different kinds of products: a dash cleaner, a wheel and tire cleaner, an engine degreaser, a bug and tar cleaner, and a leather cleaner. Imagine the time and money you’ll save! Optimum Power Clean™ is excellent for professionals and enthusiasts looking for a highly effective and safe all purpose cleaner.

New, faster-acting Optimum Power Clean works about 30% faster or it can be diluted 30% more.
Optimum Power Clean is an all purpose cleaner that safely cleans your vehicle’s dirtiest surfaces. Remove bugs, brake dust, and oily grime when using Power Clean full strength. Dilute it to clean leather, vinyl, and plastics. Optimum Power Clean™ is an environmentally friendly, surface-safe cleaner that will leave your vehicle spotless!


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