Optimum Opti-Clay




Optimum Opti-Clay is back! This Japanese clay bar is the most pliable, stretchable and smoothest clay you will ever use. It allows you to keep bringing up fresh areas of the clay to correctly remove contamination off the paint surface.

We have tried the fancy new “clay replacement” products over the last few years since the Japanese clay was taken away from us. The “clay pads” that go on the buffer would seem to be much faster and last longer, but its not true. We found these pads can severely mar the surface if they are not kept clean at ALL times. In some cases the marring is so severe that an extra buffing step is required.

We like machines for most detailing operations, but we still love the old fashion Opti-Clay. You can correctly clay a car very quickly and always have a fresh surface to work with. We find it almost as fast as a clay pad and will have virtually zero marring. Its fast, easy to use, pulls off all contamination, and leaves the paint surface as smooth as glass. Opti clay is back and is the perfect start for a perfect Buffing job


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