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Optimum Polymer, along with Kleen Car would like to introduce a ground-breaking and innovative new polish (and soon a compound) that is unlike anything else on the market. Our profound knowledge of paint, along with pioneering chemistry has allowed us to create a paint finishing system that has never been seen before. Get ready for the emergence of a new technology in buffing products. This new polish incorporates a unique abrasive technology and proprietary polymers that will correct quickly while not being destructive and finishes to perfection.We have seen the future, and the future is here in this product

We hesitate to call our new spray polish “revolutionary”, as many products are introduced with immense hype and marketing with a claim of “revolutionary”. However, this patent-pending new polish was born from our work with a major car manufacturer. In the development of a product for a specific car plant, we came across a new way to formulate a buffing product. We needed to brainstorm and solve particular problem in regards to the issues the car paint was having and the result was a spray polish! What we saw was conventional paste type products did not cover the entire buffing pad. When used on a wet sanded area at the plant after wet sanding, the pad itself was leaving marring, essentially from areas of dry buffing.  Also the pad would get clogged from too much polish being in the middle of the pad, leading to premature replacement of the pad on the factory line which costs more money. We solved these issues with a spray polish! Once we solved their problems, we decided to develop a version of this polish for the detail and body shop industry.

It was a daunting task to develop something that has never been done before, but we were up to the challenge. We worked tirelessly for over a year and through hundreds of samples and proto-types, along with hundreds of hours of testing. In the end, we have hit the market with a polish that is truly one of a kind, and not only innovative and revolutionary, but hopefully the best you have ever seen. So, here is why we think you will LOVE it

Optimum hyper spray polish

A polish in a spray form that will quickly and permanently remove swirl marks. The result in the second step of our“paint perfect” system is unparalleled brilliance, clarity and gloss. There is NEVER a need for a 3rd step, even on blacks. This polish is buttery smooth and the most user friendly product you will ever use. The advantages are numerous and the disadvantages are none.

  • Spray form means easy application. The Optimum Hyper spray polish is thin enough to spray from a bottle but thick enough to stick to the surface
  • Spray it on a pad directly or spray it onto the panel you are working on
  • Spray form ensures the entire pad gets covered with polish and the pad will not get clogged and no dry buffing!
  • Absolutely body shop safe and paint-able and VOC compliant.
  • Superior gloss and clarity, buttery smooth, and tremendous range in cutting ability
  • Can be used in the sun. Super long working time and it will not dry up, get hazy and crusty!
  • Approved for car plant use and has passed multiple plant trials on various versions of clear coats.
  • A little product goes a long way. An 18 ounce bottle will last as long as a quart of the traditional products and you get to use every last drop.
  • The product NEVER gives up! Its uniform structure will keep cutting as long as you need it to while NEVER over-correcting and removing too much paint.
  • Absolutely ZERO dust! If you are used to dust getting all over the place and accepting that as part of the process, you don’t have to anymore. This is the cleanest product you will ever see
  • Don’t be fooled by the spray bottle. This polish is aggressive and still finishes to perfection
  • Adjustable by your buffing style. Used with higher RPM and more pressure results in a fast cut, while easing the speed and pressure turns it into a finishing polish.
  • Easy wipe up and removal, and no chalking. The Optimum Hyper spray polish will wipe off easy and not leave a chalky residue and build up in cracks and crevices
  • Can be used with ANY buffer and ANY buffing pad. Used with a rotary buffer will yield fast cutting and a great finish and quick swirl removal, while used with an orbital buffer and ANY foam pad will produce a perfect finish
  • Optimum hyper spray polish can be used with an orbital buffer to remove, yes remove compounding swirls left behind from a rotary buffer and create a perfect finish.

We could go on and on about what we think of our new product and how great it is. However, our biggest compliment will be the compliments that YOUR customers give you on how great their vehicles now look. We hope you will give our new Optimum hyper spray polish a try


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