Optimum hyper spray compound- NEW VERSION


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Introducing a ground- breaking new way to compound and polish ANY paint system. These products incorporate an aggressive abrasive technology that will correct quickly while not being destructive, but will also finish to perfection. Our “paint perfect” system allows you to correct and polish with little effort and reduced time in 2 easy steps. Our profound knowledge of paint, along with pioneering chemistry has allowed us to create a paint finishing system that has never been seen before. Get ready for the emergence of a new technology in buffing product

Optimum Hyper spray compound-

Yes this very aggressive compound is in a spray-able form. If you are used to “old school” compounds that are dry, difficult to use, dusty, cloudy, hard to wipe off, time consuming, (should we go on?), get ready to see a new, cutting edge generation of compounding! The advantages are many and the disadvantages are none.


  • Spray form means easy application. The Optimum Hyper spray compound is thin enough to spray from a bottle but thick enough to stick to the surface
  • Absolutely body shop safe and paint-able.
  • A little product goes a long way. A 17 ounce bottle will last as long as a quart from the competitors and you get to use every last drop.
  • The product NEVER gives up! Its uniform structure will keep cutting as long as you need it to while NEVER over-correcting and removing too much material.
  • Absolutely ZERO dust! If you are used to dust getting all over the place and accepting that as part of the process, you don’t have to anymore. This is the cleanest product you will ever see. It cuts like beach sand but behaves like the finest polish
  • One of the most aggressive compounds out there and quick cutting on even the most scratch resistant clear coats. Don’t be fooled by the spray bottle. This is the ONLY compound you will ever need
  • Adjustable by your buffing style. Used with higher RPM and more pressure results in a super fast cut, while easing the speed and pressure turns it into almost a polish.
  • One pass action! Do you have to keep re-applying product over and over in the same area going over it with multiple passes? In most cases, full correction takes place in one pass
  • Easy wipe up and no chalking. The Optimum Hyper spray compound will wipe off easy and not leave a chalky residue and build up in cracks and crevices
  • A paint finish that will easily polish in just one more step. Yes, after compounding, a polishing step will always be needed for a perfect finish, but because of our unique and unsurpassed technology, we can get you there in just 2 steps.
  • Will not over heat and blister the clear coat. Some compounds will get the surface extremely hot and risk burning and blistering. Optimum Hyper spray compound runs cool to prevent clear coat blistering
  • Creates a supreme and brilliant gloss even with a wool cutting pad


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