Optimum GPS (Glaze, polish, seal) gallon size



We have done it again! In working on a project for one of the car manufacturers we stumbles upon this spray formula. We found the spray formulas of all our products, both compound and polish have worked in a factory setting better than a paste form. There were many reasons behind what we found, but spray form was the best. We kept tweaking this new product and making it better and better. In the testing i found that the cut and swirl mark removal was fabulous! It has really good cut, so it will not HIDE any swirls or light scratches. So we have introduced our NEW GPS (GLAZE< POLISH and SEAL) one step product. We hate to call it a “one step” as they have been around forever and they are fair at best. We like to call it an all- in- one product that actually cuts, polishes, and seals with one easy step on cars that need light correction. The GPS will REMOVE them! Also the gloss and slickness of the paint surface we have created with this product is second to none.

Optimum GPS is the most remarkable, all-in-one product ever produced in a spray form! This zero dusting, buttery-smooth formula is the ultimate, one-step product. It creates gloss and long term protection that is second to none. Optimum GPS contains micro abrasives that eliminate (not hide) minor surface imperfections. It provides swirl mark removal, the final polish and a durable wax/sealant…all in one step! The spray application makes priming the pad very easy and reduces product usage. GPScreates a perfect shine on all types of paint, fiberglass, gel coat and smooth molded plastic. A single application provides “optimum” protection for your vehicle that lasts for months!

We found it works with all buffers, all buffing pads and at any speed. But the absolute best way we have found to use it is with the orbital buffer and our micro fiber buffing pads. Its still a one step product like out Poli seal, but its easier to use, has more cutting ability and wipes off easier. So if you were a fan of the Poli seal, we recommend you try the new Optimum GPS and you will be amazed at the results. Simply spray a little directly on your pad and buff away. You cant make a mistake and the gloss and clarity of the finish will amaze you.


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