Opti-Orange waffle 6.5 inch foam compound pad




The Opti Orange waffle foam pad is a never before seen version of orange foam. It used to be available only at the factory level but now we have it! The waffle design “bites” better than a flat pad, allows product to stay with the pad better and not sling out, and allows more pressure to be used to compound with

We wanted a pad that would work well with our new design Optimum Hyper Spray compound to cut quickly and finish well. We tested over 20 different pads from various buffing pad manufacturers and we found the orange waffle to be the absolute best.

With many detailers now using the new Rupes orbital buffer to perform all the buffing steps, we realized we also needed a pad to stand up to the abuse that that buffer puts buffing pads through. The Rupes, with it’s large throw and aggressive action can quickly destroy pads. The intense heat developed from this buffer will affect pads in ways that other orbital buffers do  not. We found that the orange waffle holds up far better than other pads we tested.

We love the cut along with the finish that you get with the orange waffle pad. We have 2 sizes in 6.5 inch for the 6 inch backing plates and 5.5 inch for the 5 inch backing plate


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