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The Phase II PTG- 3500 digital electronic paint thickness gage is one of the leaders in coating measuring devices. Don?t let the size and simplicity fool you! This is one of the BEST paint measuring devices you will ever see, and its hundreds of dollars cheaper than other leading paint thickness measuring tools.

This gage offers extreme accuracy with an instant readout and high resolution. The digital display eliminates guesswork of other devices and its precision is second to none. The PTG-3500 is made of a durable lightweight ABS plastic housing assuring long term durability and maintenance free performance for many years.

At Kleen Car, we have used paint measuring devices in our shop to aid in wet sanding of paint for many years. We have tried many different brands and have paid far more money for bigger, bulkier, and less accurate devices than the PTG-3500. This is by far the BEST gage we have used and the most inexpensive. Combine the accuracy of this gage, and the price, and it?s a combination that can?t be beat!

Here is why this tool is so good?

  • The PTG-3500 will measure in both MILS and MICRONS. This is something that many other gages will not do at all, and if they do, you can?t touch them for this price.
  • The PTG-3500 is pre- calibrated at the factory, as well as being able to re-calibrate with just the touch of a button.
  • The PTG-3500 will measure both a ferrous (steel) and non ferrous (aluminum) surface. Many of the other devices in this category will ONLY measure a ferrous (steel) surface. Not only will it measure BOTH surfaces, it will do it without doing anything to the tool. The tool will tell you what the surface is made of!
  • Large measuring range. Up to 1000 MICRONS or 40 MILS
  • Extreme accuracy- accurate to a tenth (.1) of a MIL or 2 MICRONS
  • Portable and lightweight- This tool fits in your pocket and measures only 5 inches high, 2.6 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick. It weighs only 5 ounces!
  • Operates on regular AAA batteries which are included and installed

There is no better gage available no matter what the price and there is no better value out there for a tool that does all this. This tool is a MUST HAVE if you will be doing a lot of wet sanding. To view our wet sanding articles, please click on them.

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