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Our detail training program turns detailers into skilled technicians. This system teaches perfection! See the difference in every vehicle. Our intensive combination of hands-on and classroom training will yield immediate results. Increase profits, decrease costs, work more efficiently. Make every car look showroom new! We have been training detailers since 1997!

We were one of the first to come out with a program of this kind. We developed the detail training program for BMW/MINI of North America and have implemented products, equipment and techniques to enhance of all of their vehicles both new and Pre-Owned We work with other car manufacturers and have helped develop detailing products with Dr David Ghoudoussi of Optimum Polymer Technologies.

We have help change and improve the way detailer’s clean automobiles. We are the commercial steam cleaner experts and have helped hundreds of detailers in purchasing and learning more about steam cleaning. It’s the wave of the auto detailing future and we have been the pioneers in steam! We are the leader in commercial steam cleaners for auto detailing use. Our vapor chief steamer has been proven to be one of the most effective steam machines in car cleaning, sanitizing car interiors and reducing time spent. We have cleaned with steam for a very long time and we know it’s only way to get a car clean in a hurry. We have sold our commercial steam cleaners to major car manufacturers, car rental companies, auto dealerships, and car washes, as well as hundred of auto detail shops. We know steam and we are the steam cleaner experts!

What We Can Do For You

If you have been researching the detailing business, by now you have probably found many detailing sites and companies that sell detailing products and equipment and also train you to become an expert detailer. The choices may seem endless. So how do you choose?

To detail cars you need passion, a great eye, a pursuit of perfection, a good business sense, and of course you must know what you are doing. We don’t want you to fail. We have seen people enter into this business because a company sold them a bunch of products and equipment, gave them poor training or none at all. They thought that just because they had the needed products and equipment they would be a great detailer and make lots of money. It just does not work that way.

We want to cut down your learning curve. Many detailers have learned by making mistakes. Many detailers have learned on their own or from an old timer who did things his way 30 years ago. Many of us have taken years to become very good at this. That is the frustrating part about any business. Becoming an expert never seems to happen very quickly. However, with the way we have structured our program, we know that we can cut your learning curve from YEARS… months…or even weeks!! It can happen that quickly with the right training

We developed the BMW of North America detail training program in 1998 to aid their network of dealerships in producing like new certified vehicles as their CPO program was just starting. We have worked with them for a long time and have traveled around the country to various dealers and have trained hundreds of detailers. They demanded a detail training program that would fully train, educate and give their detailers the skill they needed to produce perfect looking vehicles. We developed our program with these parameters in mind, and it’s the same program we continue to refine and make better and offer it to our students at our training center here in New Jersey.

Is Detailing For You?

We can’t answer that question for you.  If you have researched this business and have determined that there is money to be made, and this is what you want to do, you have moved forward with your plans to enter the business on some level. We won’t try to “sell” you on how much money can be made and how fast you can make it. All business ventures will take hard work and great planning. We assume you are in the process of doing just that. Detailing is hard work. There are many challenges and obstacles. Sometimes you can be so busy that you have no idea how all the work will get done, and sometimes it seems as if another job will never come in. But it is very rewarding and there is money to be made. It is also a business where you can get started on a part time basis and you do not have to mortgage your home to get started. Detailing comes from a passion for perfection and a love of cars for most of us. We assume that is what you have. There is no need to further push you along. At this point you need the help in getting started and a great company to teach you how the professionals do this.

Where Do I Go For Training?

If this business is going to be your life and career, we suggest you find the right company to help you move forward. Don’tchoose a training company because of its geographic location to you. Don’t choose a company because it’s the cheapest, or the most expensive. Don’t choose a company based on the number of days of training you will receive. Don’t choose a company because they have a real fancy website and lots of testimonials. We have found that every detail training company operates just a little differently. Some have various programs with various training days and various prices. Some offer one on one programs and other have a large number of students per class. You probably will benefit from any of these programs and the money you spend will be worth it. However, if you want the very best training and want to become a true professional in a relatively short amount of time, you will need to dig deeper and find the right place for you.

We urge you to call all the companies that you are thinking of attending and ask as many questions as you need to be comfortable in making a decision to attend their class. We would like you to choose us to help you become an all star detailer, and hopefully by reading all the information on our site and speaking with us for a little while, you will find that we are truly experts and can greatly benefit you.

What Separates Us From Others?

Without going on and on about how great we are and why we are the best (we know you don’t really want to hear that), we will again tell you that we created the BMW of North America detail training program over 11 years ago and we continue to work with them today. We know how detail shops operate. We have seen dozens of shops in person and heard even more stories about shop set ups, equipment that they have or do not have how the shop operates, how they market their services, how they select employees, how they price vehicles, what products they use, and so much more. We also operate a detail business and consult many more. We started “detailing” cars before it was even called detailing and realized early on that a great looking car will sell for much more money, as we have bought and sold many cars. We also know that the ability to perfectly detail a car will bring you more money and many more customers who want the same thing.

From our association with BMWNA and our long standing association and contributions to publications in the detail industry, we have been able to form relationships with other key companies in the detailing industry such as product companies such asOptimum Polymer Technologies. Our long relationship with them has enabled us to help develop some of their products and help us learn about the chemistry in detailing products and why some work much better than others. We perform the testing of their products and have discussions on these products and how to make them the very best almost every day with the President of Optimum. We have developed buffing products for detailer use as well as specialty buffing products for body shop use. We even work with other major car manufacturers in developing products for the specific paint systems at their car plants

We also work with the leading steam company that manufactures steam machines. Our line of steamers is the absolute best available. We helped develop a brand new steam machine for exterior detailing and we know pretty much all there is to know about steam cleaning and steamers. We pass this information and new technology to you in our class and you get to use the latest and best equipment available.

We work with a buffing pad manufacturer to develop buffing pads. We have learned so much about buffing pads over the years and we know about all the different styles of pads and what they can and cannot do. We also test and give feedback on buffing pad proto types before they ever hit the market to make sure they will work to perfection on a cars paint surface.

Our contacts within the industry give us a distinct edge over other training companies. What we teach in our class is not based on our “opinions”, but on facts that we have learned from other leaders in other areas of this business. We continue to learn more and adapt it to our class all the time.

We have visited car plants and have seen how cars are painted at the factory. We have talked to paint chemists that have explained the factory paint process and the chemistry behind today’s paint systems. We know paint! We know factory paint and we know refinish paint. We will share all this with you in our class. We have done show car details where there were dozens of hours put into paint correction from multiple steps of wet sanding and multiple steps of buffing costing thousands of dollars. We show you how to do this type of job. We have also done “one step” jobs for less demanding customers who could not pay too much for a detail, nor would see the difference in a multiple step job anyway. These jobs can be profitable as well. We will show you how and why you can make money doing just about any kind of job.

This is why skill and knowledge are the most important “tools” you can have. Of course we can tell you about all the great products and equipment that are out there, but without the background knowledge, it will take you a far longer time to be an all star detailer.

Oh by the way, we also have trained people from all over the world. Our class has attracted students from all over the world from such countries as Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Venezuela, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Spain. We hope you will have the confidence to be trained by us no matter where you are located.

Why Only 2 Days?

Quite frankly, we feel that’s all you need. We don’t spend time with marketing your business. We assume you can figure that out for yourselves. We don’t talk about potential profits and what type of people to go after. Again, you will figure that out on your own and all areas of the country are different as far as marketing and how much money you can make. We won’t waste time trying to turn you into a business person. You may already be one. You may be a marketing genius, or a Wall Street Executive, and you may have run many successful businesses already. We do know however, that if you don’t have the proper skills and training to actually detail a car, then you will fail no matter what your business skills are like. That brings us to what we do the best… We train people to become expert and skilled detailers…no matter what your current background is!! We concentrate on detailing instruction! Yes, what we cover in the 2 days is intense and very technical, and there is a lot to be done. However, when you leave you WILL have the skill and knowledge in place to go out and detail cars and be very good at it right from the start.

If we held you for another couple of days, we would just be detailing a couple of more cars. Yes, we could watch you and coach you during that time and give you a little more confidence. But… have to leave the nest sometime. Even with a couple of more days of practice, you will get slightly better and slightly faster, but we feel it’s not worth your added expense. Of course our fee would be higher for more days and if you are coming from far away, it’s also more lodging expense and time ways from you job or present business. Our class has been proven time and time again by hundreds of people that 2 days is enough. You can’t become an expert at anything in 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. But you will be well on your way. Of course you will need a little practice, but you can do that on your own and we will still be a phone call away if you need additional assistance.

Why You Need To Become An Elite Detailer

There are many detailers out there who can, or claim that they can, detail a car. This is a funny business. Cars come in dirty and looking rather poor but they will always leave looking much better. Does that mean that the detailer is an expert? Of course not, but most detailers can make a car look better. Its just to what level is the car being made to look and how perfect is it and how much time was taken to get it to look that way. We teach perfection and the correct way to do everything. Once you have the technical knowledge and skill to produce a show car detail, everything else is gravy.

Many detailers are not skilled in various operations and it shows in the more challenging cars or with a more demanding customer. Therefore many detailers stay away from high line, exotic and classic cars. They simply are afraid of damaging them. Many detailers are also afraid of high speed buffing. Being afraid, or sadly, unskilled and possessing less knowledge than an all-star detailer, these detailers will lose money and be grouped in with the majority of detailers who are only mid level at best.

We give you the knowledge, skill and more important, the confidence to educate your customer and sell them on yourself and what you can do. We put you at the top of the pyramid right from the beginning so you can earn more money and draw higher end customers and their vehicles. When you know what you are doing and have the confidence to tackle any job and talk to any kind of customer, you can command much more money right from the beginning. Many detailers are caught in the middle or lower end of detailing and that’s where the most competition is. They fight for the worst looking cars and the lower end customers!! But their skill and knowledge level does not allow them to compete for the higher end vehicles and high end, exotic cars that will pay more money and actually be far easier to detail! We develop and train you to be a top notch detailer in every aspect. We teach perfection! Once you know how to do it this way, there are certainly jobs that will not need that level of perfection.

We also know that you do not need your “A” game on every car. That’s OK. Not every customer is willing to pay hundreds for a show car detail. Some just would not notice or care for that type of perfection. But when you know you can be the best and you have an “A” game when you need it, but you can still produce great looking details while not spending excessive time and effort on every vehicle. There is always a way to give the customer a great job at a fair price and still be very profitable. There is nothing wrong with this and we show you how to do it all!

Why The Classroom Is Very Important

Many students want to work and learn by getting right on a vehicle. On the job training in some cases works very well, but we strongly believe that you need to understand a subject before going out and working on a car. This is why we incorporate classroom training on all the important subjects, so that you fully understand the theory and application from a practical standpoint before working on a car.

We are the most technical and comprehensive training company out there and we explain in depth and in great detail every single the subject. This gives you a much better understanding of everything involved and prepares you to work on the vehicle. Because of the superior preparation we provide “before” we work on a car, there has never been a case in our class where a student has gotten hurt or has damaged a vehicle. Also, when the vehicle is completed, it looks like a seasoned veteran has expertly detailed the car.

This preparation also helps you understand much better the entire detailing process and helps cut down the learning curve and makes you a much more skilled and knowledgeable detailer. We would never just put tools or equipment in your hand and allow you to use products and chemicals without the proper understanding on how to use everything before you work on a car. We know some people don’t like “school”, but we feel this is the correct way to learn, as well as the extensive hands on you will get in our class. We show you, and explain, the correct way to do everything, and coach you through the entire process. The proper technical explanations and proper coaching are critical for success. All the hands-on won’t be worth much if the procedures are being performed incorrectly, or the student does not have the correct technical knowledge about the subject. This is a reason for many detailers having years of “experience” but never becoming an expert and a true all- star performer.

Our Class Is Not An Infomercial

We know that there are some companies that will try and sell you everything once you are in their class. It may feel like a product infomercial to you. Of course, you will need products and equipment to start a business, and maybe you are always looking for better products and equipment if you are already in business, but we will NEVER push anything on you.

Where we are different is that we actually “teach” detailing and “teach” you about the chemistry in the products and the theory of what products are supposed to do. We also explain different types of equipment and why some may be better than the rest, but there are very technical reasons behind a better product or a better piece of equipment. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase anything from us, we will give you the knowledge to correctly purchase products and equipment from anybody out there. We will show you the gimmicks and how to avoid them and how to properly buy anything that will make the vehicle look better and make your job much easier.

We tend to be the opposite of many companies and sometimes it hurts our business. Here is why….. We keep things simple. We don’t want you to buy stuff you don’t need. We don’t preach and push you into buying useless items that will make us money, but not make you any money. We just can’t operate that way. We don’t want you to have so many products that it makes you so confused you don’t know what to do. We eliminate needless stuff and keep it simple for you, so you actually “save” money and are less confused about what to use. We won’t sell you a “start up” package that will put you so deep in debt to begin with; you may never recoup that money. Anything we have, we use ourselves and have either helped develop the product or piece of equipment, or have used it for years and know it actually will make you money. We know that you need quality items to make money and save time, but we won’t push anything on you. If you have seen the limited amount of products and equipment on our website store, you will see we have far less to offer than anybody else out there. We don’t need to offer a zillion choices. It’s just not necessary.

You need the correct training and the truth about detailing and some of the myths that are out there need to be put to rest. We will do that for you with a “training” program, not an infomercial for products and equipment.

Ongoing Support

We love to see guys become successful. It helps our ego and reinforces the fact that we do know what we are doing. We know our program will train you to become a great detailer very quickly, but sometimes you need some more help along the way. Some people need more support than others to get going and make it happen. That’s no problem. We love to help anytime you are in a bind or slightly confused about something and need some reinforcement or a problem solved that you cant quite figure out on your own just yet. We have taken many calls from former students who were on a job and needed assistance in that very moment. Even if we are not available at the time you call, we always call back very shortly to help. Many times a short conversation and some quick pointers will help solve the problem. Some times you have a serious dilemma and need some help. We will be right there. This is not an inconvenience for us. We love the challenge of trying to help and solve a problem even though we can’t be right there with you. When you are successful, its helps us be more successful. A true training company and a quality program wants their student to be successful and should always offer support no matter what the issues are and however long a student needs support.

We look forward to hearing from you, and the opportunity to turn your detail shop from a headache, into a thriving part of your business.

Certification Program

If you are not performing these points of certification correctly, then your shop is not producing satisfactory results. You’ll learn them all from Kleen Car.

Paint Technology – the chemistry and science behind today’s paints and how today’s cars are painted.

Paint Problems – analysis and identification of environmental damage, factory defects, refinish problems, neglect, and countless items that affect paint.

Vehicle Preparation for Detail – pre-detail inspection to identify problem areas. Proper wash-bay techniques, including use of tools and chemicals. Plus, the safe and efficient way to prep the vehicle for detail.

Interior Detailing – effective, efficient, and safe ways to properly detail an interior. Stain and odor removal, leather care, window cleaning, and extractor use.

Products and Chemicals – identification and explanation of all chemicals and their formulation. Safe and effective use, proper dilution, and OSHA standards.

Wet Sanding- keep vehicles out of the paint shop which adds to gross. Identification of scratches and scuffs, repair techniques, choices of paper, and when and how much paint to sand.

Clay – the safe, preferred, and most efficient, effective way to prep the paint surface for buffing. Types of clay, its correct use, and why it’s the most important step in detailing.

Buffing Procedures and Techniques – extensive explanation of buffers and their use. Pads, buffer speeds, and steps to a showroom shine are discussed.

Swirl Marks – how to identify swirl marks, prevent them, and eliminate them so they never come back.

Compounds, Polishes, and Waxes – the myths, the formulations, the identification of good and bad products, and their use.

Final Details – a perfect detail is in the little things. Streaky windows, wax in cracks and crevices, brake dust left in wheels, or untreated interior or exterior blemishes can negate a perfect job.

Money Savings – how to save money on products, chemicals, and equipment. Time-saving procedures and inexpensive tools to save time and produce better results.

Taught By An Ultimate Professional – Kevin Farrell has worked for and with dealers for almost 20 years.

Class Outline

At KLEEN CAR we provide detailed education for the detailing profession. With instruction that goes far beyond just simple demonstrations, we provide training and insight on every aspect of the business. This is not a typical “cookie cutter” detail training class. This is the most comprehensive training program of its kind. This same program has been implemented by BMW of North America and is used to train their network of dealers. Our relationships with other key leaders of the industry, as well as auto manufacturers, have helped us develop the best detail training program available. Our class has attracted students from all over the world from such countries as Argentina, Canada, Mexico, The Philippines, Venezuela, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Spain. We hope you will have the confidence to be trained by us no matter where you are located. The topics that we cover in our class are all very in depth and very involved. We do not just “gloss” over anything. We help you understand the subjects and the importance of each one. The subjects covered will give you a better overall understanding of the entire detailing process and help reduce your learning curve and make you an expert detailer very quickly. The detail students learn in a classroom and hands-on environment, Classroom presentations are done with the assistance of learning aids such as pictures, props, demonstrations and explanations of tools and equipment. Hands-on work is done on an actual vehicle to be detailed by the students, and represents typical challenges faced in most detailing situations. To go along with the intensive instruction, the students will receive a detailed training manual and a book of technical articles covering the class subjects, written by Kleen Car that have been published in major trade magazines, as well as our “Buffing with Confidence” DVD. An overview of our program:

An in depth presentation of today’s paint systems with the emphasis on basecoat/clear coat applications. Before you can become an expert at buffing the paint, you must know the science behind the paint. Our relationships with Auto manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and paint chemists, give this presentation a true analysis of how vehicles are painted.

  1. The way vehicles are painted at the factory, their preparation and what you need to know.
  2. The stages of application, from anti-corrosive primer to topcoat.
  3. The differences between today’s paint systems and the paint systems of years ago and why it is important to understand the differences.
  4. The thickness of the paint system. How to measure it, and determine how much may be removed during the buffing or wet sanding process.
  5. A detailed presentation on clear coat (what you actually buff), the various formulations of clear coat, and how some clear coats react differently to different buffing procedures.
  6. How porous the paint system is and why this can cause problems later on.
  7. The difference between factory and after-market paint systems.
  8. Why all clear coats are not the same and why different buffing techniques must be used on different vehicles.
  9. What actually happens to the clear coat as you are buffing it.


A comprehensive analysis of what affects the paint system after the vehicle leaves the factory. Most things that happen are not good. We teach the students to identify individual paint problems, their severity, and if certain problems can be corrected and/or improved. We will look at pictures of paint problems and ask students to identify what they see. We will look at “real” cars in our lot and identify paint problems and discuss what can or cannot be done.

  1. Environmental damage. How to identify and correct problems such as chemical etching, industrial fallout, water spotting, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV damage.
  2. Problems brought on by age and lack of proper care.
  3. Paint defects on both factory and after-market finishes. We identify and discuss peeling, cracking, discoloration, orange peel, sags, runs, dirt nibs, overspray, and more. We discuss what can and can’t be done to correct these problems.
  4. Scratches. The different types, how deep they may be, what can or can’t be done to remove them.
  5. Swirl marks. A common problem and mistake made by many detailers. We show how to identify them, and the difference between true swirl marks and spider webbing. We show ways to see them under certain conditions other than direct sunlight, and we not only show how to correctly remove them, but how to prevent them.


It is imperative for a detailer to know the chemicals he is working with and their safety. We explain how to read and understand MSDS material, and the proper way to handle and mix chemicals and also label them.

  1. Identification of all chemicals and understanding their use.
  2. What a dilution ratio means, and how to mix and determine how much to use in any size container and get the perfect dilution every time.
  3. The myth that more is better when mixing chemicals. We explain how to “tweak” a mixture for optimum performance and safety.
  4. Cost saving ideas on the prospect of using one chemical for multiple purposes, simply by changing the dilution ratio!
  5. We teach students what makes a good or bad cleaner and how to “interview” a product supplier about what he sells and how effective it may be.
  6. We explain why certain “dangerous” chemicals can be used very safely and effectively as long as you understand 2 key points that we cover in depth.


Pre detail inspection to identify potential problems before the vehicle is worked on. Wet bay procedures to most effectively conserve time and energy and prep the vehicle for detailing. It’s not simply just washing the car!

  1. Engine cleaning. Safe and effective ways to clean the engine compartment without damaging components. We show the proper steps to ensure the protection of sensitive electrical components and the fastest, safest, and most effective way to dress engines.
  2. Efficient ways to do many things at once such as: doorjambs, trunk sill, floor mats, tires and wheels, and bug and tar removal.
  3. Wheel cleaning with safe chemicals to ensure spotless wheels with zero damage.
  4. Proper brush selection for effective cleaning without damaging paint and trim.
  5. Acid rain and industrial fallout neutralization and deep cleaning of the paint surface to avoid unnecessary compounding in the detail bay.
  6. The proper and most effective way to wash the vehicle without scratching it and wasting time.
  7. Proper drying techniques.
  8. How to get a car washed and prepped if water usage and runoff is an issue. We teach how a Steam machine can be used to safely and effectively wash a car with zero water runoff in an environmentally safe manner.


Students will learn effective ways to properly clean the interior in a systematic and time efficient manner. We show simple, yet effective procedures to make the interior spotless every time.

  1. Garbage removal before anything else!
  2. Preliminary vacuum and blow out. Fast and efficiently getting the interior to the point of more deep cleaning.
  3. Dash, vent, door panel, and console cleaning with various tools to make the job easier and get into every crack and crevice
  4. The correct sequence of cleaning interior components so not to overlap the same area multiple times, which wastes time.
  5. Streak free window cleaning using the correct cleaners and towels and ways to check your work. The old myths of cleaning windows and why certain things just will not work.
  6. Stain identification and removal methods.
  7. Headliner cleaning. The dos and don’ts.
  8. Upholstery and carpet cleaning and the correct way to use a carpet extractor. Improper use may hurt the interior and damage the machine. We show how to effectively shampoo interiors WITHOUT the use of bulky air dryers afterward.
  9. Steam Cleaning- We have been one of the pioneers in steam cleaning of both the inside and outside of the vehicle. We will show proper steam cleaning techniques which will save time, leave an interior totally dry after about 15 minutes. We show, and you will get to use, the BEST steam machines on the market today and see for yourself why this is the ONLY way to clean an interior.
  10. Leather cleaning and conditioning.
  11. Interior dressing and ways to up-sell this service and make it fast.
  12. Final inspection and what customers most look for with regard to their interiors.


The bread and butter of a skilled detailer. We explain and demonstrate various corrective procedures to repair defects and blemishes on and in the paint surface to make it look showroom new again. We want you to be an all-star detailer, and to be able to handle and repair any and all paint problems. Because of our small class size, you will have large areas of the vehicle to correct in the class and we get to help and coach you as you are completing the repairs. There is no waiting, no small areas to work on, and we will be there the entire time to make sure you are developing your skills from the very beginning.

  1. Clay. The most important step in exterior detailing. An overlooked and misunderstood procedure that will aid in every buffing process, remove atmospheric pollutants stuck on the paint surface, make the paint feel like glass, and save time. A must for a perfect detail! We found about clay in the early 1990’s and have used it on every vehicle ever since. We explain why this is a step that MUST be done on each and every vehicle. We also let you in on a few “secrets” about clay.
  2. Wet-sanding. This is a huge topic in our class and nobody knows more about sanding clear coat than we do. We have written numerous articles on this topic and this is a huge bonus that you get in our class. Students will see first hand what happens to a surface as its being sanded and how effective this can be in scratch and blemish repair. We show the technician ways to safely sand the clear coat and eliminate the problem without the need for costly refinishing. We demonstrate the tool used to measure the paint thickness and how to gage how much clear coat is being sanded off. A great way to add to the bottom line.
  3. Swirl mark removal. This is also a topic unto itself in our class. Swirl marks are very miss-understood by everyone and we go in depth on this topic. We show not only the correct way to remove them, but also ways to prevent swirl marks. We also show the students what the difference is between true “swirl” marks and “spider webbing”. Proper identification is crucial in their removal. You will NEVER be scared of a high speed buffer again after knowing how to either prevent swirl marks and how to properly remove them.
  4. Buffing techniques. Many detailers are afraid of a high speed buffer. They know that used incorrectly, this machine can cause damage. However for perfect paint correction and Optimum shine, this is a tool that is critical. We teach the correct and safe way to use any buffing machine and show the most common mistakes detailers make while using them. We show how to hold the machine, how to set it up, and how to correctly buff without splattering of product, and damaging of sensitive trim. We go as far as showing how the product should be laid out on the panel, and how to “catch it” in the buffing pad. This method saves splatter and mess, and clean up time. We also explain why certain trim items and moldings should be taped and covered prior to buffing

These topics are covered in far more detail, and we spend far more time on these critical subjects than any other training company.


The combination of buffer and pad choice is critical in creating a perfect finish. We go in-depth on buffer choice, pad choice, speed, and the paint type, to determine what should be used. You can’t buff every vehicle the same way and get great results every time. We show you why this is true.

  1. Buffers. There is a difference. We show and demonstrate high speed buffers and orbital machines and explain what their uses and capabilities are.
  2. We show every possible buffing pad on the market and what each can do, and more importantly what pads to stay away from.
  3. We show how to properly “catch” polish or compound into the buffing pad to prevent messy splatter and speed up the job.
  4. We explain and demonstrate how to use the “ladder” system and avoid using too many pads. We teach familiarity, combined with speed, chemical and pad choice to be more or less aggressive on a particular paint surface.
  5. We explain when you want to create more heat and friction by buffing, and when it is dangerous, and how to achieve this.
  6. We talk about how pressure is critical while buffing. We will show you and guide “YOUR” buffer over the panel to fully show you how to use the correct pressure while buffing a panel.


We know how these products are formulated and we explain what they were made to do. We show some raw materials used in the making of these products and how to read the “ingredients” and grade the effectiveness of each. We work with, and have helped develop buffing products with one of the leading companies in the industry. We have one of the best product lines on the market that major auto manufacturers will soon be using at their plants. We know what makes a product easy to use and as effective as possible. We share all those points with you in showing you that a great buffing product will make the detailers’ job much easier and the vehicle will look extraordinarily better when completed.

  1. We show how to know what products are just hype and marketing and what products will actually work. We explain key catch words product manufacturer’s use in the making of their products and if they mean anything.
  2. We demonstrate how to use only 1 product in each category and perform any paint correction, no matter how bad it may be, and make the finish flawless. There is no need for multiple products within each category.
  3. We explain the 13 criteria that we use when formulating a buffing product and why each needs to be met to have a truly great product. Once you understand these points, you will always be able to identify a great buffing product.
  4. We explain what actually makes water bead. Is it the wax, or other things you do to the paint?
  5. When and how often should you wax the car? It’s not so simple and wax is the most unimportant area of concern. Learn why. We also show and explain all the myths about wax.


the final details are extremely important for a perfect job. Checking for wax left in cracks and crevices, streaks or smears, perfect wheels, sparking paint and windows, are items that if overlooked, can make the overall job look poor and unprofessional. Students will learn all the quality control checkpoints to ensure a perfect job each and every time.

  1. Seam wipe down. Detailers will learn that opening all the hinged areas such as the doors, hood, trunk, hatch, gas door, and sunroof and a preliminary wipe down will expose areas that potentially could have been missed. We will review how to wipe these areas down first, to ensure that the nooks and crannies are perfect
  2. Wheels. Checking for any reaming water spots or brake dust in wheels is essential. We will review how to examine and wipe down wheels and even out tire dressing to ensure flawless looking wheels
  3. Body wipe down. After the seams and jambs have been wiped, the body of the car should be wiped down with fresh clean towels. We explain the reasons and the importance of this sequence.
  4. Final window cleaning. The windows can be cleaned to end the detail. We will discuss window specific towels that can be used to ensure spot free and streak free glass.
  5. When to dress the tires. Its not when you think. We show a great inventive way to dress tires in a fast and even manner with zero splatter as the car drives away.

The proof that this detail training program is second to none is the finished product! We work on a car in dire need of reconditioning and take it to perfection from start to finish. The final result is a car that looks brand new and will show your customer and potential customers that you are an expert detailer! We know you will learn and become a skilled and knowledgeable detailer with our program. We don’t need to hold you here for a week and charge you so much more money. We will teach you all of this and give you the skills and knowledge in just 2 short days! We invite you to call us anytime for a FREE, zero pressure consultation.

Class Schedule

The price to attend for the 2 full days is $699 per person. Each student will receive a $200 credit toward products and equipment that are used in the class. . We hope you will see the value and realize that this is the MOST comprehensive and technical detail training class available. We limit the size of the class to 5 people and availability is on a first come, first served basis, with prepayment required to secure a spot in the class.

All classes will run from 8:15 AM to approximately 4:30Pm on the specified days. We run classes throughout the year, so if you do not see a scheduled class that you can attend right now, please keep looking or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you!

Class Schedule