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Dealership Detailing Problems

Why is Detailing a major problem for most dealerships…

We have trained hundreds of students from 11 different countries on how to properly detail cars. We developed the BMW/MINI North America detail training program where students are trained to perfection in all aspects of auto detailing.

We specialize in Auto Dealership detail training! We have worked in car dealerships and we have trained dozens over the years. Our experience in working with, and developing the BMW/MINI North America detail training program has allowed us to work directly with many of their dealerships and transform their detailing operations

The problems and issues within dealership detail departments are numerous. If you are a new car dealership in need of proper training as well as “detail department overhauling” then please read on

Some issues we have seen over and over though the years are as follows. If this is your detail department, we can help. We would like to address these areas in your dealership detail department.


Certified and pre owned cars

  1. How do your certified and pre-owned vehicles look on the lot? If they are not pristine in every way, you are losing money!
  2. Are there still scratches and swirls in the paint?
  3. Is there wax and polish in the cracks and crevices?
  4. Are the wheels still dirty?
  5. Is the glass streaky?
  6. Is the interior still wet and smells like mold or mildew?
  7. Are there still stains on seats and carpets?
  8. Do these cars look like vehicle that people will pay top money for?


⇑ If the answers are yes to any of these questions, there is an issue in the detail department


Detail technicians

  1. Do you have skilled detailed technicians……or simply car wash guys in the detail shop?
  2. How skilled do you really think your detail guys are?
  3. If they have “experience”, is it the right kind of experience?
  4. Do they truly know today’s paint systems and how to buff and polish them correctly?
  5. Can they make a car truly look “beyond showroom new”? And if they possibly can, how long does it take them?
  6. Do they know the correct products to use and when to use them?
  7. Do they know the correct buffing steps and procedures to make the paint look perfect?
  8. Do they know how far they can go on a paint surface and when to“STOP” buffing?
  9. Do they know how thin the clear coat really is?
  10. Do they know the characteristics of a clear coated paint system?
  11. Do they properly know how to clean an interior?
  12. How many steps does it take them to only make the car look just “okay”?
  13. Do they safely use the products and equipment they are given?


Shop products and equipment

  1. Do you have the correct detailing equipment and products to produce a perfect looking car in a short period of time?
  2. Do you know what you need in the detail shop?
  3. Are you buying the cheapest stuff from your buying group or the truck that comes by?
  4. Do you have the correct buffers, buffing pads, compounds and polishes?
  5. Do have the correct lighting so the detailers can see what they are doing?
  6. Do you have enough room inside the shop?


Detail department policies and procedures

  1. Is there a true leader or manager in the detail department?
  2. Is it run by seemingly every other department?
  3. What is the work schedule based on and who controls the flow of cars to be done?
  4. Are there too many cars to be done in one day with too few people to do them?
  5. How many man hours are given per vehicle and is it reasonable to think they can be done in this time frame?
  6. Who handles accounting in the detail department and how are hours charged out?
  7. Is the detail department losing money solely based on poor accounting and hours going to another department?


Outside services for detailing

  1. Do you use an outside service to detail all your cars?
  2. Are they truly doing a good job for what you are paying them?
  3. Do you think you are really saving money this way?
  4. Do you realize that most outside detail companies are run poorly and use unskilled people to work on your very expensive new and pre-owned vehicles?
  5. Did you know an outside detail companies will give you the minimum amount of effort for what you are paying them?
  6. Did you know most outside detail companies are using cheap products and equipment on your vehicles?


We know that these are a lot of questions and a lot of information to process. Once you have honestly assessed that there are issues within the detail department, we are here to help!

Walk your pre-owned lot. Carefully inspect the inventory. If each one is not perfect, then your detail department is losing you money!

This is what we can do

  • We train and teach even the most “experienced” detailers more than they ever knew before
  • We revamp the entire operation
  • We show how to manage the detail shop and work with all the other departments, including new car sales, the used car department, and service
  • We implement the correct techniques to ensure that every vehicle looks like new
  • We get the detail department out of the “stone age” with the correct products and equipment
  • We increase productivity and decrease the costs
  • We can help you hire the correct people to work in the detail department
  • We teach you how to “clean up” with retail detailing


We have taken auto dealerships that have had no detail departments previously and set up the entire operation and made them profitable within a few months. We have taken dealerships that were using outsourced detailing companies and have transformed them to successful and profitable in house operations that make money for all the other departments!

Please call us now for a free phone consultation and how we can help turn your operation into a success


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