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Vapor Chief Refill Commercial steam cleaner 100 PSI

Vapor Chief Refill Commercial steam cleaner 100 PSI
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Price  $1,799.00  $1,299.00 
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Due to high demand we are temporarily out of stock. new inventory arriving very soon. Please call us to reserve yours now and receive a special offer.


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The Vapor Chief is a TRUE Italian steam cleaner! Are the others you are comparing the same? click here to see the FACTS!



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Introducing…..The NEW Vapor Chief Commercial Refill steam cleaner. This "special edition" commercial steam cleaner is a version made exclusively for us. We assisted in the engineering of this great machine. It was made with USA use in mind and especially "heavy duty" use. It can be run all day long!


The Vapor Chief Refill commercial steam cleaner

  1. Continuous fill- a huge plus which means no down time.
  2. ALL Italian made
  3.  heavy duty polished all stainless steel body
  4. Stainless steel AISI 304 boiler which meets ASME standard
  5. Lifetime boiler warranty
  6. External heating element- there are no coils that touch water. This heater will never corrode as it is on the “outside” of the boiler
  7. LIFETIME warranty on heating element
  8. 1750 watts of power to get to pressure quickly!
  9. 1 year warranty on other internal parts
  10. Easy servicing
  11. Fast heating 2.0 liter boiler in about 9 minutes
  12. Excellent recovery time (it’s all in the engineering of the boiler and heater)
  13. 2.5 liter water tank (non pressurized)
  14. Infinite steam volume control from zero to max pressure
  15. 92 PSI at the wand
  16. 100 PSI in the boiler
  17. 330 degree boiler steam temperature in the boiler
  18. 310 degrees at the wand tip
  19. 14 foot hose- we found this hose length to be the perfect size
  20. 13 foot electrical cord
  21. Full accessory package
  22. Extremely lightweight 
  23. Engineered specifically for USA use
We calibrate all of our machines and use upgraded componets to get to 100 PSI

Why continuous fill?
There are no "cons" or downsides to a continuous fill steamer. Some people claim they are "wetter" and spit water all over. This is simply not true with a good machine that has a high quality boiler and heater. Our Vapor Chief refill steamer still has very dry steam vapor just like our single pro 75 version.

The "pros" and all the upside to a continuous fill model are many

  • more convenient- simply add water to a non pressurized tank and let the machine do the rest. It fills the boiler automatically and starts the heating process on its own. When the boiler requests water, it will fill it as needed
  • much safer- there is no pressurized cap that may need to be removed when the boiler runs out of water. The tank you are adding water to is under zero pressure
  • no down time- on a single or boiler cap steam cleaner, when the boiler is empty, steam can no longer be made. Therefore, you need to stop working. This is where the danger comes in. At this point, if you want to continue to work, the steam needs to be bled out of the boiler.....very carefully. Then, you would have to remove the boiler cap. This is NEVER recommended when the machine is hot. Although there may not show any more pressure, there is always residual pressure in a steam boiler and a boiler cap being removed at this time will need be done with EXTREME care. Even when done correctly, there is always a chance of being scalded and there is still the down time in doing all this, then refilling the boiler and waiting for it to heat again
  • smaller boilers and bigger heaters can be used- In a very well engineered machine such as the vapor Chief refill, we use a smaller boiler than pressure cap machines. This is actually a "advantage" not a "disadvantage". A smaller boiler will still produce a great volume of steam and still hold pressure well, if the boiler and the heater is well engineered such as it is in our machine. As well, a smaller boiler will heat faster and recover faster. We use a high wattage heater which will heat faster and make steam quicker.
  • 24/7- you may have seen some companies advertise their steamers a 24/7 machines. That is not claiming how heavy duty or commercial they necessarily may be. They are just saying that with a continuous fill machine you can work it all day long as there is no down time as we have explained. HOWEVER, keep this really important point in mind. Just because they claim it a 24/7 machine, it may not be commercial grade. Our vapor Chief Refill is full commercial grade......and of course can operate 24/7

It is true that a continuous fill machine needs to be more expensive than a single boiler or a pressure cap machine. There are more electronics in these machines and they should be built to much higher standards. We do not believe in making "CHEAPO" continuous fill machines for the reasons we just pointed out. because there needs to be more electronics, these electronics such as the circuit board, pump, sensors, and wiring need to be heavy duty. We expect our refill customer will be using these machines for long periods of time during the day. The components need to be commercial grade. We cannot make a continuous refill unit that is only slightly more expensive than the single or boiler cap version. Please understand this. The "CHEAPO" continuous fill units are just that. We have tried to sell them and have had nothing but issues with these cheaper versions

That does not mean we are hugely expensive. We may be slightly more expensive than some other popular "CHEAPO" units you have seen out there. But now look at our price, look at what we know, look at how we make our machine, and decide if we really are that much more expensive. We KNOW how to make steam cleaner and we specialize in our continuous fill model


The Vapor Chief name has been synonymous with quality over the years. Not any steam cleaner earns the name of Vapor Chief. It has to be a heavy duty commercial steamer that can stand up to every day and all day use. And of course it needs to be powerful.

If you have always wanted a Vapor Chief, the time is now. The quality has never been better and the price has never been lower.


Just in case you think a heavy duty commercial machine such as the Vapor Chief is "expensive", we want to show you the so called "competition" and list some companies who list their commercial steam cleaner prices. These steam cleaners, in our opinion, can’t hold a candle to the Vapor Chief in specifications, performance and quality. But they are equal or MORE money than the Vapor Chief.

(Prices as of 7/2013)
Lady Bug XL less specs $1875
Reliable Enviromte Pro- $1799
Vapor Jet 2400- $2630
Eurosteam ES4500- $1995
Eurosteam ES6100-$1795
Amerivap Vapor Blitz II- $2207.00
DuPray Hill Injection- $2300
DuPray Hill Super Inox- $1799

We also know there are many other steam cleaners whose prices are not listed, which means they are FAR more expensive then the Vapor Chief, and still will have LESS pressure, LESS heat, LESS features, or at most be equal to the Vapor Chief but still far more money.

And last, there are countless steam cleaners that are just a little less expensive than the Vapor Chief but when you look at the specs and features, these steam cleaners do not even come close to the quality and performance of the Vapor Chief. We invite you to look at the competition. We know after you do your research, you will see that the Vapor Chief is the one to choose, and by far the best deal.


The Kleen Car Vapor Chief challenge

We are so confident that you will see that the Vapor Chief is the best bang for the buck out there, we offer this challenge.

Do your research. Speak to other steamer companies. We are sure many will sound like used car salesmen. They will tell you whatever you want to hear about any of their steam cleaners. They will tell you that theirs is the best (for no apparent reason). They will give you the specs (and many times they are not true and the sales person does not even know how they are calculated).

Now compare apples to apples. If you can find another commercial steam cleaner with these kind of specifications and innovative features…..at the kind of price we are offering on this steam cleaner……..we will match the competitors price of their machine. We must admit this isn’t much of a challenge. We set it up so we will win….EVERY TIME! We will say it again. The bang for the buck on this machine is incredible. If you need a heavy duty commercial steam cleaner (not a pretend commercial steam cleaner), this is the one


Read more about the innovative features and incredible engineering of the Vapor Chief

A Vapor Chief steam cleaner is engineering to protect itself. It knows that its owner may not take as great of care of it as they may have promised when it was new. So there are built in safety items that automatically "protect and save" the steamer from a harsh user. For instance 

  • A Vapor Chief steam cleaner uses a revolutionary, and more expensive, “external” heating element. This ensures that coils never are immersed in water and cannot corrode. In addition, our heater fully surrounds the boiler and heats the water evenly and gets it up to pressure quickly. Because of this innovative design, we can offer a 3 year warranty on the heater.
  • A Vapor Chief steam cleaner cannot run its pump more than 45 seconds without shutting down and "resting". If it senses the pump has been run too long, such as in a low water or NO water situation where it has no water to pump, it shuts off. If there is a leak and it has no water to pump, it shuts off. It will NOT burn itself out. A high quality pump is standard on all Vapor Chief commercial steam cleaners.
  • A Vapor Chief steam cleaner has multiple low water sensors which constantly read water levels in BOTH the water tank and the boiler. If water is low in EITHER the boiler or fill tank, the heater will shut off and shut the system down until more water is added. This safety feature never puts the heating element in jeopardy of burning out due to a low water situation. Once more water is added, you are working again in 5 seconds with the click of the trigger.
  • A Vapor Chief steam cleaner has an "external" heat sensor that is mounted on the outside of the boiler to sense excessive temperature and turn the heater off if the temperature gets too hot. This saves the heater, the boiler, all components, and is an added safety feature.
  • Vapor Chief Steam cleaners all have 12 Gage wiring. These thicker, stronger wires are easily able to transmit the 1650 watts to the heater and all other heavy duty electrical components.  








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